Thursday, June 30, 2011

Target Guy

Dear Target Check-out Guy,
  Thank you for making me smile. I was having a pretty blah day until I came to your register.
Nothing bad happened. Nothing particularly good either. Just a regular ol' Thursday. But you made me smile. With your funny humor and friendly personality you made me laugh. It was quite refreshing to have such a cheerful check out person. Usually check out people are OK, just there to do their job, but you went over and above being polite. From now on I will look to see if you are assigned to a register and wait in your line, even if it is 10 people long. Thanks for the pleasant check out experience! (were so cute too!)

Now Happy Target Customer


Annabelle said...

Is that a crush I am catching a wiff of?

Sparks said...

Looks like Mr. Target Check-out Guy has a new admirer!