Monday, June 20, 2011

Seriously guys?? WTF!

What is it with guys these days? Seems like every guy I meet or even start to talk to is obsessed with sex! I mean HELLOOOO I'm not going to jump in bed with you after 5 minutes or talking to you for a couple of days. I'm NOT like that. When they realize this, off they go... If they are interested in only getting sex, why bother talking to me? Just join one of those sex line things and leave me be. I have had the worst luck with dating for a while now. I want a friend, a companion, not a booty call! I want someone to hang out with, watch movies with, talk to, just relax with. Someone I can call up and say "Hey, wanna run to the store with me?" OR "Wanna go grab a bite to eat?".  Not someone that expects to get "down and dirty" every minute we are near each other! GAH! If that was all I wanted then I wouldn't even bother to get to know anything about him.

Seems like if I talk to a guy for a day or two, they expect things to get physical right then. Do I have "tramp" stamped on my forehead? NO! I mean one guy told me "Girls are like buying  a car. Gotta test drive before you buy." WTF! That was the end of that conversation!

Or if I don't drop everything to go out with a guy they are like "Your not into me are you?" HELLO I have a kid, a life! I can't just run when someone says go. Not even if I wanted to. I'm not a dog that will come when called. Plus I have to find a sitter, make plans, etc....

Is it just me or is the whole dating thing just awkward?!


AmyLK said...

Just very awkward! Its so hard to be a single mom and date these days.

Janelle Haskin said...

ugh, guys are stupid, hold your ground girl! You've got the right attitude for sure... a good guy will come along who wants the same things as you!! ;)


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I tell Brett all the time that he must think I'm his booty call.. every convo we have leads to sex. haha!!

Annabelle said...

They're all tools, even the good ones sometimes.

I blame this instant gratification age we are in. The art of dating, courting and wooing is rapidly dying.

Hang in there. You know, better than some, the necessity in REALLY getting to know the guy first.