Thursday, June 9, 2011

wee bit 'bout me

{one} how many times have you been a bridesmaid/maid of honor?
Been in a few weddings but a bridesmaid maybe twice

{two} what’s the last thing you do before you fall asleep at night?
play on my phone until my eyes get heavy

{three} you just won your dream vacation, all expenses paid. where are you going?

{four} what is your favorite outdoor activity?
Sitting on my butt in the shade. Just kidding! ! I actually really enjoy walking.

{five} as a child, what did you want to “be when you grew up”? did you end up there?
I don't remember ever really wanting to be something in specific other than a mommy.

{six} what are 3 things your dream home would have that you don’t currently have?
I big, deep porch. With pillars and a swing. Deep enough to sit on when it rains and not get wet. 
A big jacuzzi tub!  A breakfast/bar counter, whatever it's called. Where you can sit on one side and use the other side for food prep or whatever.

{seven} what’s for dinner tonight?
Never know until the end of the day...

{eight} if someone stopped by your house unannounced on a typical Saturday night, what would they find you doing?
Usually laying around watching tv.

{nine} what’s your average monthly water bill?
not sure

{ten} what do you do to relax?
Lay in my bed and watch tv. Yes, I'm lazy!!!


Chrissy said...

My dream home needs exactly the same 3 things and I never know what's for dinner until right before dinner....and I love laying in bed and watching you notice a pattern here?! ha ha
Happy Thursday xxx

Meghan said...

Ahh, Spain! I would love to visit!

Slyde said...


when i first read that you wanted a "big, deep porch", at first glance i thought it said "big, deep crotch".

thank goodness... i think that would have FINALLY left me with nothing to say...

Kaycie said...

I would DEF visit spain, too! Love your list!