Monday, April 18, 2011

You know it's Monday when....

  • You sleep through your alarm 3 times
  • You refuse to get out of bed until the very last minute possible
  • You can't find anything to wear
  • You burn your tongue on your coffee thinking it should have already cooled off
  • Your late for work because the traffic is backed up
  • You feel like your dragging all day
  • Your not feeling very bright and cheery
  • You have a gazillion messages from customers that called over the {weekend}
  • You have work to do but procrastinate way too long
  • You would rather sit at the computer and catch up on all of the blogs you missed over the weekend
Happy Monday ya'll... Hope it wasn't too bad. Only 4 more days until Friday!


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Yeah, I had a very blahhhh Monday too!! I didn't feel good all day. :-(
Look on the bright side, at least we'e off on Friday.. woooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

I sleep through my alarm every day.