Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This is ME

Linking up!

This is me:


So this is a challenge for me... I have to list what I love about myself....
I love that I finally have straight teeth after spending several thousands of dollars on braces. 
I love my big blue eyes... People tell me they light up my face...
I love that I have thick, healthy hair that I can wear wavy or straight.
I love that most of the time I can express emotion with my eyes
 (except when I turn into a blubbering cry baby!)
I love that I have thin eyebrows so that I never have to wax them.
I really kinda love my pale/fair skin.

Whew that was hard!
Took most of that from what my Momma says!


ashley @ divorced and 21 said...

you are one hot momma. ps so wont let me add you to facebook!

Cherri said...

And your momma is absolutely right about your beauty - you just need to believe it in your own heart.

Meghan said...

Your eyes are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I practically have to wax my brows every 2 weeks. I don't, but I probably should.