Friday, April 15, 2011


Thank goodness it's finally Friday!
To top it off, it's PAYDAY!

A blog I follow, LOVE  <a href=>The Daybook</a>
does an Awkward and Awesome Thursday.
I love this idea so I'm going to do it today...

  • My daughter waking up on her own, without me telling yelling at her to get up 100 times.
  •    Then she comes in my room like this:


The things on her face are these:

They have a hole in the bottom and she suctions them to her face.  Instead of getting dressed....Well, she went to school with little red dots all over her face. Wonder what her teacher thinks about that.

  • Beating my Boss to work before 8 am.... It's a challenge every morning to get myself up and ready along with R, on time. 
  • Missing all of the crazy morning traffic
  • Not being caught behind traffic from a wreck to due the rain
  • My yummy delicious morning coffee with my usual pop-tarts
  • No one in management being in the office
  • Being able to slack off on a Friday
  • Being able to wear jeans and a tee today
  • Everyone being in a generally cheerful mood, including me...
  • Finishing a favor for someone and them thanking me for doing such a good job
  • The phone being quite on a Friday morning

  •   The things I hear from co workers in the office
                  Co worker: I need a drink
                  Me: there's a bar right next door
                  Co worker : There's a bar in my pants and it's Happy Hour
                           I had to walk out the door after that one
  • Listening to what the guy in the cubicle behind me is playing on YouTube
  • Same co worker talking to another co worker saying something about unzipping pants and needing a manual
  • Getting a random text message asking me to purchase some male product for sexual stimulation
  • Being refereed to as the delivery guy's girl (who by the way is way older than me and totally not my type. Did I mention he's married?)
  • Transferring a call to the wrong number
  • Asking a question and above mentioned co worker turning it into something totally inappropriate
  • Talking on my phone while someone walks by and they thought I was talking to them
  • Someone asking me why I deleted them off of Facebook
  • The glass guy that was here to pick up a truck touching my arm and winking at me while telling me to have a good day
  • Getting caught with my pants down.  Could've sworn I locked the bathroom door, always do! Guess it didn't catch. She should've knocked since the door was shut!


Anonymous said...

Might have to try that bar joke out. Nothing beats a little awkwardness!

ashley @ divorced and 21 said...

love it!